Following 9/11 in 2001, terrorist attacks across the Western world have grown and risen to an unprecedented level. In the last three months alone the UK has experienced three major incidents. The narrative pushed by politicians and the media is that there is a genuine problem of Islamic terrorism across the world that they are battling against, what they call the War on Terror. However, this perception of their war on terror actually serves the strategic and political aims of the West in its war on Islam.

I’m not a fan of the argument terrorism is caused by foreign policy because this assumes the West has a genuine problem with terrorism and in order to solve this issue, there is a need to review and change their foreign policy. This view is pushed by left-leaning liberals, anti-war movements and even some Muslims who blame terrorism as reaction to interference by the West in Muslim lands. This view from the onset not only accepts terrorism as the problem but also ignores the role of Western intelligence agencies, primarily American and British, in staging these through individuals and organisations which are actually their assets.

The phenomenon of terrorism is something which is relatively recent and was never an issue before 9/11 and the subsequent launch of the ‘War on Terror’. However, Western foreign policy has existed for decades and was in fact much more direct with the colonisation of Muslim lands. Yet this never gave rise to Islamic terrorism.

Furthermore, the West is in need of terrorist attacks to intensify the ideological attack on Islam and portray to the world that there is an inherent problem with Islam which needs to be addressed. On the military front these attacks further justify their heavy-handed approach in the Muslim world, indiscriminately killing Muslims, destroying the infrastructure and perpetuating the chaos they created in the first place.

The West has a lot to gain from terrorism and has no interest in actually eradicating it. An end to the ‘War on Terror’ would mean there would be no pretext for their War on Islam. The West’s real war is not against terrorism but against the Islamic way of life. In order to suppress the desire for Muslims to resume Islam, the West implements a foreign policy upon the Muslims to maintain their global dominance.

Irrational fears of terrorism (including “radical Islam” or “political Islam”) created by Western governments are used to censor and ban Islamic concepts such as Khilafah, Shari’ah, and Jihad as we are told that these are ideas which groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda carry, even though these concepts are fundamental in Islam and part of the Islamic Aqeedah.

On many occasions these attacks are actually intelligence driven with informants involved or fully aware of the plan to attack and allow it to occur:

Furthermore, an investigation by the Middle Eastern Eye confirmed that the MI5, British Intelligence Service, operated an ‘open door’ policy for British nationals to travel to Syria and Libya to fight. When they would return any interrogation by counter-terrorism police would be waived by the MI5 allowing these fighters to enter into Britain freely.

Therefore, the focal point should not be foreign policy but rather the Western agenda to fight Islam both ideologically and militarily. And that terrorism is not the problem but in fact a facilitator in the Wests War on Islam.



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